Fondant & Gum Paste Molds

   Fondant & gum paste molds are a great way to make an ordinary cake into one that looks more extraordinary. These molds are great to add consistency in size and shape of sugar work designs that gives your cakes a clean and neat finished appearance.  Fondant & gum paste molds are also a quick way to make sugar work or decorations for cupcakes and cakes of all size and shapes when time is of the essence.

By simply applying fondant and gum paste to these molds then popping them out of the mold to dry before using on your cakes or cupcakes is all it takes to create beautiful decorations. Not only are they easy to make but provide great themes for parties like making seashells for a beach theme cake or roses for a garden theme. The possibilities are endless and your cakes will look like a professional did it!

These molds are so easy to use that even a novelist can use them. Clean up is easy with some soap and water then just store in a flat bin or drawer to keep the shape of mold .  So shop our website to see our selection we carry of these magnificent fondant & gum paste molds  that will turn your next cake, cupcake, or party into an instant success.