Cake Decorating Turntable Kits

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Cake Decorating Turntables Kits are very useful to have when decorating cakes. By placing your cakes on a turntable or stand you will have more height and access to spinning cakes around when piping icing designs or boarders, flowers and Trims. A plastic scrapper can be applied to the sides of cakes while turning the cake stand to allow a smooth even finish on the side. Cake Decorating Turntables Kits also provide control of speed when decorating to finish your cakes faster.                                                  Cake Decorating Turntables Kits will come with all the helpful tools you  need to make flowers for cakes which includes nail tools, piping tips,  scrapers for smoothing cakes, icing combs for patterns on cakes, spatulas for applying icing, and pastry bags to put your tips in and fill with icing, just to name a few. The numbered tips will guide you as to what you will make when using that number such as a rose can be made with a 104 tip or the leaf tip to create the leaves for your flowers. a number 22 will make a seashell boarder on the top or bottom of your cakes. All of our Cake Decorating Turntables Kits will offer a little something different as well as the basics needed depending on what you are looking for. So shop our variety and see how you will be soon decorating like a pro with any of our supply kits or turntables & cake stands.