Cake Boards

   Cake boards can be very useful for decorating when making the perfect cake or cupcakes. Finding the right size cake boards are important when you are stacking two or more cakes on top of the other. So when you don’t want your boards to show you need to use a board that is the same size or a little smaller than the cake size. If  you are making a cake that you want to put a bottom boarder  on,  then a cake board with at least two inches larger than your cake size, will be more appropriate to use.  Cake boards also offer the stability to transfer cakes from one place to another while providing the cake with a sturdy base to sit on.

Besides using cake boards  are fun and an easy way to decorate your cakes or cupcakes. They are great for creating special themes for parties and come in many colors, shapes, and sizes like edible sugar bugs for a garden party or mermaid / ocean  If you are pressed for time then you will love how cake & cupcake toppers make your decorating finished in just seconds. See how quickly they can be added to your cakes and turn ordinary cakes or cupcakes into extraordinary conversation pieces. Your family and friends of all ages will be impressed by your effortless work!